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Bernard CHAPPUIS created BCI in September 2010.
The company’s goal is to find the answers to the needs of our customers:

  • Fertilizers producers (organic and mineral).

  • Transportation of pellets (feed and biofuel) specialists.

  • Storage of cereals and other organic raw materials.

  • Feedmill producers.

  • Wood pellets producers.

The headquarters, located in Polliat, is equipped with a mechanical workshop specialised in the maintenance of bulk trucks, the refurbishment of consumables (dies and rolls) and second-hand equipment such as hammer-mills, mixers, pellets-mills, coolers, crumbles …


Report to the French part.

BCI, two addresses

Polliat (Ain)

  • Headquarters.
  • Mechanical workshop for re-conditioning.
  • Repair shop and garage for bulk trucks.
  • Spare parts store.

Gannat (Allier)

  • Metal workshop
  • Our technical team, based here, works mainly on maintenance, repair and handling of storage silos for cereals


  • Equipment sales
    BCI SAS provides equipments (new and second-hand) as hammermills, mixers, pelletmills lines in order to equip animal feed, fertilizer and wood pellet plants…
  • Factories for sales: turnkey factories for animal feed production.
  • Sales of flaking processes and systems for the production of animal feed with our partner TECNO FOOD ITALIA.
  • Sales of steel storage and handling equipment (bucket elevators, chain conveyers screws).
  • Sales of spare parts and consumables all brands such as hammers, grids for hammermills and rolls and dies for pellet mills.
  • Engineering, design, assistance and advice design and simulation in 3D graphics for costumers own projects, in collaboration with our partner DEGOTTEX INDUSTRIE.


  • the preventive and curative maintenance (rotor exchanges on pellet mills, mixers and hammer mills with parts supplied by ANDRITZ)

  • the refurbishment of rolls and dies (pick up and drop service)

  • the maintenance of all kinds of conveyers in the cereals storage plants.


  • Our experienced engineers are ready to answer your questions and replace spare parts from a bolt to a complete bulk truck with trademark parts.

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